Bank Statements

Some information on Bank Certificates:
  • It is issued by the bank where your sponsor has a savings account. 
  • It must be on the letter head of the bank. 
  • All copies must be signed by the Branch Manager. 
  • In case the bank issues only one original copy, all the photocopies must be signed. 
  • Copies must be attested by the same Branch Manager. 
  • This certificate is not required to be in a sealed envelope. 
  • Usually the balance in the account is equivalent to the first. 
  • Yearly expenses of the most expensive University that you have short listed. 
  • You must request the bank to mention the balance in your account in US dollars. 
  • It could be as per the market rate of the date of issuance of the certificate. 
A sample format for the Bank Certificate. 

***Keep in mind that this is a suggested format, a different format would still be valid. This is just a rough representation of the bank statement to give the reader an idea of how it is supposed to look. ***