VISA and I-20

A few things to keep in mind before getting your I-20 and while applying for a visa:

What do you need to do in order to get the I-20?

Still confused about the bank statement?

What documents do you need to carry when you go for the visa interview?

FAQs regarding visa finances

Visa Interview Experiences!

FAQs regarding 221g administrative processing

Things to remember:
  1. There is no need to panic about your I-20. It is normal for the I-20 to take five to twenty business days to be ready. The International Student Services works very hard to complete these procedures for every student as efficiently as it is possible for them to do it. Note that they do answer emails that are addressed to them. 
  2. Once you receive your I-20, it is crucial to verify every detail on it. It is your responsibility to ensure that your specifics are in place. 
  3. Prepare well for your visa interview. Make sure you go through the list of documents given and have them ready well before the interview. 
  4. Be calm and confident during your interview. Answer questions truthfully and to the best of your knowledge. You may be required to stay in line for a long duration of time, make sure that you have had enough food and water before reaching the consulate. 
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