Steps to Get I-20

After getting an admit, and before you can apply for an F-1 Visa for the first time, the following documents are to be submitted to the International Student Services:

1. Immigration Information Questionnaire

2. Proof of financial resources
Your funding can come from a variety of sources, such as private funds, university funds, sponsoring company/agency/government funds. (This can be similar to the financial documents for the visa but need not be as detailed.)
Private funds can be provided by individuals such as the student, friends or family members. If you will be supported by private funds, you will have to provide a Bank Letter, a personal support letter and I-134 Affidavit of Support (if the individual who is supporting you is inside the United States).
The bank letter (on the bank’s letter head) should be current and should include the current ending balance along with the most current monthly bank statement with an ending balance.
The letter or bank statement must show liquid assets such as cash deposits, certificates of deposit, saving accounts, etc. Statements regarding property, jewelry, cars, loans and other non-liquid assets are NOT acceptable. Statements regarding investments such as stocks and bonds are also not acceptable.
The personal support letter can be found hereIf there are multiple sponsors, then each sponsor needs to provide this form.
The current estimated expenses for Texas A&M University are:
3. Copy of specific passport pages; namely the picture page and the expiration page
You can upload all these documents through the AIS system.

Once you have completed the steps listed above, it is important to consider the I-20 Mailing options:

Students are given a choice between standard mail and the express mail, eShipGlobal service. It is recommended to opt for the latter, namely

You must use the website provided above – do not go through the DHL or FedEx website directly, all communication will go through the eShipGlobal service, who will notify us that you are requesting your I-20 to be sent by express mail.
If you use this service, you will be required to create a user name and password to set up an account. To request shipment, you will need your TAMU UIN (9 digit number that is at the top of your admissions letter), mailing address, e-mail address, phone number and credit card information. Please pay close attention to the information submitted, as errors in the credit card information or submitting incorrect or incomplete address information will result in a delay in the mailing of your I-20.

For more information regarding the process, visit

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