Flight Details

As you prepare to book your flight tickets, you might think of traveling with your new peers. Leaving the country on your own is tough, but sitting in that plane for more than twenty hours is just plain boring!
IGSA aims to help you connect with the other students that could be looking to fly around the same time as you. 

Please fill in the details of your intended flight itinerary and any additional details you find worth mentioning here.

Helpful Hints while booking your flight:
  • Check the layover periods between connecting flights, they should neither be too short or too long. 
  • Transit visa is not required, in most cases, if the layover is lesser than 24 hours, and if you do not need to exit the airport premises. You can call the airlines and confirm (many airlines will have mentioned the requirement on the ticket summary). It is the responsibility of the traveler to follow all regulations. 
  • Confirm your meal preferences, especially if you have allergies or are a strict vegetarian. 
  • Most of the airlines let you choose your seats while booking, make sure you choose a seat that suits your needs and comforts.
  • Go here for a detailed description of what needs to be done on the day of your flight.
***IGSA is trying to help you find your fellow travelers and hoping that the spreadsheet make your life easier. We are not responsible for the accuracy or validity of the data entered by the individual. When you fill out the details, consider that adding your name to the list equals accepting responsibility for the accuracy and validity of the data entered by you.***