IGSA - College Main Apartments Deal

IGSA Referral Benefits:
  • Application fee : $0 
  • Deposit : $0/person 
The apartments also come with FREE High speed internet usually worth around $45 per month. 
Steps for signing a lease:-
  1. Check the apartment website for the available floor plans. 
  2. Email collegemain@dtiproperties.net and copy deals.igsa.tamu@gmail.com, please include: the names of all roommates, the email addresses for all roommates, desired floor plan and the desired move in date.
  3. Have all roommates fill out applications online at http://dtiproperties.com/lease.html
  4. If you do not have a Social Security Number please fill this with 000-00-0000.
  5. If you do not have a Driver’s License Number please fill this with 00000000.
  6. Once the management receives #1 & #2, you will receive the lease electronically.
  7. The email to sign the lease will be sent from “Blue Moon Software”.
  8. The apartment is not booked/secured/held for you until all roommates sign the lease electronically.
  9. After the lease is signed, each one of you will be asked to email these documents : copy of your I-20, copy of the relevant U.S visa and the copy of your passport.
  10. Next, you might be mailed some more addendums that must be printed out and signed. 
  11. All roommates do not have to sign these on the same page. You can send these back individually. 
  12. Please make sure when you scan these documents, front and back, the quality is acceptable and that the scan is not too dark. If the scan is too dark, you might be asked to rescan and resend.