Roommate Search Spreadsheet

Howdy New Ags!
IGSA is trying to help you out in your fervent search for the prodigal roommate!

There are two separate spreadsheets, one for the lovely ladies and the other for strapping lads. Fill out your details and filter away to see who is the chosen one?

(Kindly use the following spreadsheets to find a roommate based on your preferences and requirements)

You are two simple steps away from destiny:

Step 1:

Add your own details and list preferences so that you may find a match or they might find you:
Step 2:
Once you have found your roommate, kindly highlight/hide your entry. This will make it easier for the others to find their housemates.

May you find what you are looking for!

***IGSA is trying to help you narrow down on your roommate, and hoping that the spreadsheets make your life easier. We are not responsible for the accuracy or validity of the data entered by the individual. When you fill out the details, consider that adding your name to the list equals accepting responsibility for the accuracy and validity of the data entered by you.***