Sanjeev Singh

As recounted by : Sanjeev Singh

Place: Kolkata


Me: Good Morning sir!

VOGood Morning. Documents?
**I passed him my Passport and I-20.**
VO: ** He asked me to put my left hand's four fingers, followed by the right hand and then both the thumbs on a machine.**VO: Where are you currently staying?
Me: Bangalore.
VO: Then, why not the nearby consulates?Me: I am basically from Patna and I had to collect some original financial documents from my home.VO: Oracle is a brilliant company to work for, why do you want to go for higher studies? (I think they already have most of the information regarding us - may be the DS-160 form that we fill is accessible to them)Me: Sir, I have been involved in development work since last two years at Oracle and now I want to pursue a career in the field of research.VO: So, you would like to build your career at US?Me: After finishing my master's I would like to come back and join HP Labs where good research is being carried on in the area of Pattern recognition.VO: Why can't you join HP labs now?Me: They prefer people with research experience and that's the reason I want to pursue my MS with thesis.VO: What all admits you have? (Started typing something...)Me: Apart from admit from TexasA&M University, I have admits from North Carolina State Univ., University of California, Irvine, State University of New York Stony Brook and University of Waterloo at Canada.VO: Btw, from where you did your engineering? (He was still typing)Me: Sir, Birla Institute of Technology and Science - Pilani, Goa Campus.VO: Your VISA is approved. Enjoy your stay at Texas (with a wonderful smile on his face). You will get your passport in a week's time.
Me: Thank you sir!
Golden rule: Don't hesitate, don't stammer. VI will be a cake walk.