Things to Do a Week Before Travel

What are the things you need to GET DONE in the week before you travel?

Soon, you will say farewell to our beloved nation and set off on a new adventure. It is critical for a smooth transition to KEEP CALM and READ ON! Following is a guideline of what steps you need to complete in the week before you take off.

Important things that need to get done:

  • Prepare a power of attorney or certain authorization letter(s), giving a chosen person to act on your behalf. You could choose to give the authority to your parent(s), sibling(s) or the one person you trust.
  • Initial or place your signature on 10 blank sheets, write your name below, and keep them in a safe place. These may be needed for several purposes such as authorization to collect marks sheets on your behalf or certain certificates from the university or other purposes.
  • If you have an individual bank account, make arrangements such that either you have access to it in the US or your parents have authorization to use it, if the need arises. Making it a joint account is an alternative you might opt for.
  • Arrange to collect/redirect mail from your room/hostel (if applicable).
  • Get sufficient change for dollars (in 1c, 5c and 10c). A monetary exchange or bank will be able to provide this for you. Also, remember to carry at least 5 dollars in quarters (25c).
  • Scan all the documents you are planning to bring along and keep them in a protected drive online.
A list of things you might need to provide your family with:
  • List of addresses/phone numbers through which information about you can be obtained. It can contain your future roommates, or you can include the numbers on this list.
  • A copy of all the relevant and important documents, especially the ones you are carrying with you. If it is a photocopy, you might consider self-attesting it (True Copy - Signature).
  • A copy of the relevant parts of your medical history files.
The Last Three Days:
  • Confirm your flight schedule by calling the airlines, or checking online. Find out if there is a possible change of schedule for the flight. (Inform IGSA of any such change, if you have opted for temporary accommodation). Ensure that you have selected seats and chosen your meals for the flight. Online check-in is usually 24 hours prior to the time of journey.
  • Arrange for the conveyance to the airport. You might need to reach a few hours before the time of departure, since immigration check usually takes time due to long queues.
  • Please wait for communication from people here regarding pickup and temporary accommodation.
  • Make your own checklist for the last day of travel.
One Last Review:
  • Keep your ticket, Passport, I-20 and a copy of your admit letter ready, and in your hand luggage.
  • It would be better to put all the cash (or any form of money) you are carrying in your hand luggage as well.
  • Make sure you have ALL your documents in place.
  • Make sure you have completed the health documentation such as the immunization records (if applicable), that you may have to submit when you arrive there.
  • Check that you are carrying your travel insurance papers, if you chose to be insured.
  • Keep a printout of the confirmation mail of your Groundshuttle booking, or whichever ground transportation you might have booked to get to College Station.
  • Keep a written list of emergency and necessary contact information in your hand luggage.
  • All suitcases and boxes are packed well and secure. TSA-approved locks are available in stores, if you insist on locking your suitcase, these are your best bet. You might want to label your luggage. Add your name, university and email address on the label.
  • Check this list for your last day. Doublecheck!
  • Get ready to face the long journey. Have sufficient sleep. Keep the partying to a minimum! 
  • RELAX!
***This is a suggested checklist to help you get everything in place on the day before you leave. Note that while it is comprehensive, it may not necessarily cover everything.***