Funding, Scholarships and Student Worker Positions

Will I get funding and what are the types of assistantships that I can get?

Getting funding depends on the department you are joining. Some offer it, some don't. We're sorry but while we can provide you with information that will be helpful to assist you, we do not have details of assistantships that are currently available. There are mainly 4 forms of financial support that students can get.

1. Scholarships: This is awarded by either a department or an organization (like International Student Services, Former Students Association, etc.). If you get a scholarship, then you will get to pay tuition at in-state rate. Certain departments offer scholarships to all incoming international students as a way to help them in their first year of study. Contact your department Graduate Program Advisor to know more about this.

2. Teaching Assistantship (commonly known as TA): These are awarded by a department and it is for the requirement of professors who take large classes. You will have to assist in grading, teaching, etc. for undergraduate students. TA pays between $900-1200 a month, and you get your full tuition waived. You may have to only pay the fees (stuff like sports fee, transport fee, etc. that the department won't pay). This is generally the only assistantship that you can get in the first semester. Keep in mind that a professor can only recommend a student for TA. It is the department's final decision on who they want to give it to. A professor can't directly help you on this, so contact the department for TA availabilities.

3. Graduate Assistantship Research (GAR - also called Research Assistant or RA): These are offered by individual professors when you work under them on a research project. You will get your tuition, and in some cases your fee, waived. (If you're lucky you won't pay anything at all). You also get paid anything between $750-2000. You will have to contact individual Profs for this, but you have a better chance only from the second semester onwards.

4. Graduate Assistantship Non-Teaching (GANT - Also called GA): This is similar to scholarships and is offered by departments and organizations. Generally for folks who are to work as web programmers for their website or something like that. Tuition (and sometimes fee) is waived. Pays about $700-1400 a month. This has to be followed by looking at the websites and University public listservs regularly.

How will I manage my expenses if I do not get an assistantship? Can I work on campus?
Even if you don't get an assistantship right away, you can still work as a 'Student Worker'. There are many positions that open up during the Fall semester and you are pretty sure to find something. We suggest that you don't be too choosy about what you get. If you get a job, take it up anyway. You can always leave it any time you want, when you find another better job. The money you earn will be good enough to take care of your monthly rent and grocery expenses.

What should I keep in mind when I apply for a Student Worker position?
Important things to note for Student Worker positions for Intl' students:
•  You are allowed to work ONLY inside the campus. That means you can't work in an establishment that is not part of Texas A&M University , even if it pays you a lot more. Don't violate this rule. You will be deported if caught!
•  You are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week. This is strict. The only exception is break weeks (the weeks in between semesters), when you may be allowed to work full time (40 hours), if your hiring department agrees.
•  Your work permit has to be authorized by the International Student Services (ISS). This is normally taken care of by the department that hires you.
•  Your pay scale will vary from $7.25 (State minimum) to up till $12. The higher paying jobs are mainly for web programmers so it will be a good idea to learn some web programming before you come here.

Is there anyway I can search for a job before I reach TAMU?
Jobs that are posted by various departments are generally put on this website:

You need to login with your NetID and you can look at the various positions available. REMEMBER to look only for on-campus jobs. This website posts positions for all students, so it may include off-campus positions which you cannot apply for.

It's enough that you look for a job after coming here. You can go through the site, but you won't be able to apply without being here, as in most cases you have to submit an application form, or may have to meet with them for an interview.

What kind of jobs (positions) are available?
There are a lot of job profiles available that include:
•  Food Services (many take this as you get a good pay $7.5/hr and a free meal)
•  Web Programmer (highest paid @ $10/hr-$12/hr)
•  Lab Assistant (assist undergrad lab - about $7.25/hr-$8.5/hr)                                  
•  Library Assistant (lowest paid $7.25/hr, but easiest and relaxed job)
•  Article writers (for TAMU's newspaper Battalion - pays @ $25 per article)
•  Office Assistant (file papers, attend calls, carry small boxes - @$7-$8)
•  Administrative Assistant (more or less like office assistant)

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