Arjun Shanker

As recounted by : Arjun Shanker

Venue: New Delhi


Me: A very Good Morning! 
** I smiled as usual and ensured eye contact, even though I was anxious.**
VO: **He wished me in return** Which University & program are you applying to?
Me: Texas A&M University; Master of Agribusiness.
VO: Okay. So, what was your previous degree in?
Me: Masters in Biotechnology.
VO: Why did you go for a second Master's degree?

**This question might pop up if you hold another master's degree.**
Me: It is like an MBA in Agriculture. After a science major. 

** I told him want to pursue the business line**
VO: **replied with a 'Hmm'** Could I see your documents?

** Handed him the I-20, passport and the financials.**
VO: I see you have a scholarship letter as well.

** He seemed impressed and smiled. I just smiled back.**
VO: ** He kept the passport.** Congratulations! Your visa has been approved.
Me: Thank you so much! Have a nice day!

** I breathed sigh of relief.**