Utsav Talati

As recounted by : Utsav Talati


Me: Good Morning Madam!
**I was still stressed, nervous and as well as excited, but confident.**
VO: Good Morning, pass me your I-20 and Passport.
**I passed the required documents.**
VO: So, you are going for Texas A&M, great school! You want to be a Aggie?

**Aggie is the name of sports team of Texas A&M, so all students who belong to the Texas A&M are called Aggies.**
Me: Yes Madam. Howdy!
**Howdy is the way of saying 'how are you?' in Texas.**
VO: So, why Texas A&M?
**As I was going to answer, she rephrased the question.**
VO: Why MS in IE at Texas A&M University?
**This sudden rephrasing of the question confused me and I forgot some information in anxiety. Still, I managed to pull it off.**
Me: Having a wide array of research experience through my research papers, research interns and research projects, my interest in Industrial Engineering grew tremendously. The networks and logistics research lab under the guidance of Dr. Cetinkaya and Dr. Wang se Hung are well-known in the field of...
**VO interrupted me here.**
VO: How many universities you applied to?
Me: Ten.
VO: Name them.
Me: G.Tech 
**I told the abbreviated name first, then realized my mistake and said the full name**
Me: Penn state, TAMU, Purdue, Rutgers...
**She interrupted me again.**
VO: How many admits?
Me: Five.
VO: Which?
Me: RIT, with first year fully funded, Texas A & M...
**Suddenly, she asked me another question.**
VO: Then, why not RIT with the full scholarship?
Me: Madam, financial aid has never been an option for me, I believe in investing in better knowledge, because i know better knowledge would reap me far more better benefits in the future.
VO: Sir, i know you are excited and nervous, you are speaking very fast, please calm down.
**I was thinking that about me speaking fast. I am always like that!**
Me: Smiling, yeah madam.
VO: What about your funding?
Me: Out of the total asset of XX Crores.
**She interrupted me again.**
VO: Okay.
**Then, she began to type. In a few seconds...**
VO: Congratulations, I am approving your Visa.