Srinath Nadimpalli

As recounted by: Srinath Nadimpalli


Me: Good Morning!
VO: Good Morning, how're you doing today?
Me: I'm doing well. How have you been doing?
VO: Doing good. Thank you! Please pass the documents.
** Handed the I-20 and passport.**
VO: Texas A&M, I see. That's a good university!
Me: Yes indeed.
VO: Okay. What did you do at X? 
** He asked about the company I worked for.**
Me: **I explained the project that I worked on, my roles and responsibilities in the project.**
VO: Sounds good. How many colleges did you apply to?
Me: **I told him all the colleges I applied to - the status of each of these colleges. I reckon he wanted to check how honest I was. I also reckon they already have this information with them.**
VO: Alright! Looks good. I'm approving your Visa. Have a great stay there.
Me: Thank you!